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April 4th, 2023

DM: This is patient EF describing how things have changed from when he first came to Complete Care Clinic and how things have progressed to today. He came in February 2021 and it is April 2023, and I will let him speak for himself.

EF: Good morning. When I first came, I couldn’t, I was in complete pain. I couldn’t stand. My feet were swollen and compared to now that the pain is now just once in a while. I’m not full of pain. It’s a complete difference two years compared to what I was before. It’s night and day. My feet was swollen. My legs were in pain. I couldn’t stand straight and now I could actually stand. I can do a lot of activities that before I couldn’t do, so it’s a complete night and day difference to when I first started so I’m very grateful.

DM: What did we find that was the real surprise?

EF: I don’t know if you wanna… oh yeah! When I first came there was my ligament and everything was swollen and my legs… my legs, the colors were different colors and now the blood is actually circulating in my legs so everything’s the same color. So much better circulation. My foot, feet are not swollen anymore, and so much better now when I first started.

DM: Right, and we found that it was old, old injuries, right?

EF: Yeah, a lot of injuries. A lot of things that I didn’t even realize that a lot of knocks and different things from playing sports and from work that I didn’t realize had added up: bruises, deep bruises and slowly every week coming, it definitely got a little bit better and better to now, it still hurts me a little bit once in a while, but compared to when I was 24/7 and I couldn’t move and I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t even sleep compared to now. I can manage, I can sleep. It’s such a big difference, so I’m very grateful for everything so far the clinic has done for me.

DM: Okay, thank you so much!

EF: Thank you.

DM: You’re welcome!

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