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About Us

The Goals of the Practice

Complete Care Clinic’s mission is to complete the circle of health care by integrating the medical with physical, nutritional, cultural, financial and genetic aspects of the human existence, in a comfortable welcoming environment. 

Opened in 2014 by Dr. Cindy Morris, the Clinic assists with comprehensive, practical and efficient relief from pain, sleep apnea and other health problems that are common to people of Bermuda. When a patient prefers not to have medications, we can still solve the problems.

In treating the chronic pain patient, each session at the Clinic addresses another layer of the several sources of pain. Gradually their body changes as the number and intensity of pain signals decrease. We celebrate reaching the low pain scores! 


Cindy Morris writes the book on chronic pain I’m Still In Pain – Now What Can I Do? - RG - photo by jessie moniz hardy

Our Mission

Complete Care Clinic’s mission is to provide personalised, high-quality care. 

 Our Purpose

To help you understand how the problem occurred so that we can work together to make your life easier. 

Dr. Cindy Morris, BSc, MD, DABA

Chronic Pain Specialist

“Doc” was born in Bermuda, attended the Central School, Berkeley Institute and the Bermuda College. She gained her Bachelor of Science degree from University of King’s College & Dalhousie University in Canada then returned home to work in banking for a year. She received her medical degree from Howard University College of Medicine, Washington DC, USA. After completing her Anaesthesiology residency at Cook County Hospital, Chicago IL, USA in 1990, acquiring Board Certification in 1992, she taught anaesthesiology, hands-on, as an Attending Physician at Cook County Hospital. Her commitment to managing the human body, alleviating pain and restoring comfort to her patients as an anesthesiologist has brought much joy to her. 

In 1998 Dr. Morris returned to her homeland, Bermuda, to practice at the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital. Dr. Morris was awarded the “Quality Performer Award” in March 2006 from Bermuda Hospitals Board. She provided non-hospital anesthesia services via her mobile anesthesia unit from 2005 to 2009. Various health and political problems interrupted her employment, so she began to concentrate on working independently. 

Dr. Cindy Morris, BSc, MD, DABA
Dr. Cindy Morris, BSc, MD, DABA

“When it comes to my work, I most enjoy figuring out the physical and biochemical puzzles that each person brings to me during their clinic visit. I love seeing the patient’s smile at the end of each session.

In 2006 she was developing clinical protocols with her patients who had complex pain management problems, and as they resolved the problems, this led to establishing her solo practice called Complete Care Clinic in 2014.   Dr. Morris presented her successful clinical techniques at the meetings of the American Society of Regional Anesthesia in 2020 and 2021, including winning a prize in their ‘shark tank’ for her video on her Intravenous low-dose lidocaine treatment for “burning” pain!

As the Medical Director of Complete Care Clinic, Dr. Morris encourages hands-on patient education of their body, self-awareness and comprehensive self-care between appointments. This type of patient-physician partnership helps us to intelligently undo the damage done to their body that was accumulated over the years, thereby reducing the pain and other nerve signals, allowing improved quality of life. We encourage working with allied health care professionals to get efficient and long-lasting results for our patients.

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