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Books by Dr. Cindy L. Morris

Book Front Cover - I’m Still In Pain
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I’m STILL in PAIN – Now, What Can I Do?

Are You Tired of Dealing with Chronic Pain?

Dr. Cindy L. Morris shares her expertise, insights and solutions to Low Back Pain, Sciatica, Frozen Shoulder, and Fibromyalgia, for patients whose current treatments are not working to relieve their pain.  

I’m Still in Pain – Now, What Can I Do? is an easy-to-read guide for anyone, including Caregivers, and Health Practitioners.  This book features the stories of real patients, along with their results in lowering their Pain Score.  

In This Book, You Will Learn

  • How Chronic Pain begins and worsens.
  • There can be several causes of each pain.
  • To draw your Pain Map to show and describe how your different pains feel.
  •  How to reduce dependency on medications.
  •  How to use different Self-Help Tools to get relief.
  • Types of Healthcare Professionals who can provide advanced treatments.
Book Front Cover - Pain Control Workbook

Available in Print or E-Book

For more information email us at books@completecareclinic.bm 

My Pain Control Workbook

The ultimate guide to discover why you are having chronic pain in different parts of your body.

In this book, you will explore your personal history and record all possible contributors to your chonic pain.  This will help you and your health care team to find the pieces of your pain control puzzle, leading to useful treatment plans.

This is a companion workbook to I’m Still in Pain – Now, What Can I Do?

This is highly-recommended for anyone who has been experiencing chronic pain and seeking alternative ways to heal. In this book, Dr. Morris shares her expertise and provides several insights that will help you! Don’t miss out – get a copy now!

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