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Pain Map

– from the book “I’m Still In Pain – Now, What Can I Do?” by Cindy L. Morris, BSc, MD

If you have chronic pain, there are usually two or more types of pain occurring.
Sometimes drawing or photographing the area is better than talking or writing. 

Using the Pain Map below, mark an ‘X’ or circle around each body part that is giving you problems. Then, draw a line between where the pain starts and where it travels to, with an arrow showing the direction of the movement on that line.

Write the Pain Scores for each area that has a problem. A Pain Score is a number that gives a value of how bad a sensation feels to you. It can also describe how it affects your life. It is important to have this common understanding of the pain scale with your doctor especially when the pain is intense, and when it has several qualities as seen in the Description. 

You can give a range of the numbers for the Pain Score of an area when the pain is less at some times and more at other times.

At the bottom of the page, list what makes the pain worse or better.

Make a copy of your Pain Map to give to your doctor at your next appointment.

Pain Map Sample


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